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The SABIS® Network in Numbers
Why Join Our Team
Exciting & Fulfilling
Careers Paths

There are a numerous opportunities within the global network and staff can explore new career paths within the network including:


School Administration

Business Development

Academic Development

Organization Development



Finance & Accounting


Information Technology & Books Publishing

Student Life & Student Management

Marketing & Communications


The SABIS® Professional Development Institute organizes annual orientation sessions, new teacher training, and continuous, targeted support to ensure that employees have ample opportunities to develop and grow.


SABIS® Network schools operate in 20 countries on 5 continents. This creates many opportunities for staff to experience living and working in different countries.


SABIS® Core Values contribute to reaching high efficiency and high standards. The values are embedded within each of the schools and include:

Practicing honesty and integrity

Upholding our principles at all costs and at all times

Continually improving and never becoming complacent

Emphasizing quality at all times

Making a difference

Recognizing and rewarding efficiency, loyalty, and commitment

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What to Expect